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31st-Mar-2009 08:22 pm - [Thread] Shadow's taxi service
GO GO GO, on a mission
Characters: OU!Shadow, OU!Rouge
Where: Outside the compound, then back again
When: Victory day
Summary: Having taken Rouge to safety earlier, Shadow now goes to retrieve her.
Warnings: None

Still just a delivery boyCollapse )
30th-Mar-2009 07:40 pm - [Thread] At long last
Characters: OU!Shadow, OPEN
Where: Plaza
When: After the Entropi have been defeated
Summary: Shadow stays to fight, and comes out alive.
Warnings: None

The war is overCollapse )
24th-Mar-2009 11:57 pm - [THREAD] Training
Characters: OU!Quatre & OU!Tony
Where: North Commons
When: During the power switch stage of the endgame plot.
Summary: Tony and Quatre meet up to figure out what's different about their abilities... and to see if they can try to hone them up a little before the time comes when they need to use them.
Warnings: None I can think of at this time.
Getting used to something new.Collapse )
19th-Mar-2009 02:00 pm - [Thread] Forced Wait
not among the living
Characters: Leon Kennedy (OU), Sylvanas Windrunner (OU)
When: Endgame phase 2, during the ash-fall, after this conversation.
Where: A modest two-person office in, well, the office building.
Summary: The human and undead elf, confined to a small space with no outside communication, make the best of the lull in action by resting in shifts. There is ample time for reflection.
Warnings: Uh, none.

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16th-Mar-2009 08:53 pm - [Thread] Ghost-faced Bat(man)
Batman | Dark Knight
Characters: OU Bruce Wayne/Batman, OPEN
Where: anywhere outside (just put in description)
When: Phase 3 of plot, during attribute change
Summary: Ghost!Bat goes out to play~.
Warnings: Eheh. Maybe some violence? Depends.
Note: The person with Bruce's attributes did not answer my question. I'm gonna play with a Ghost!Bat then. :P (Too fun to pass up. ^^) Also--if Dani would like to teach Bruce she is more than welcome to do so in this thread. Chronologically it'll just take place before everything else here.

Whee~Collapse )
15th-Mar-2009 01:05 am - [Thread] Acting Leader
the one behind
Characters: OU!Krad, OPEN to all.
When: Phase 3, after this.
Where: The Church
Summary: Krad is organizing the troops.
Warnings: None?

Since he had the desire to.Collapse )
Introducing Agent Anarchy.
Characters: Samus Aran [OU]; The Joker [OU]
When: Phase 3, following the attribute switch
Where: Outside the bank, near one of the craters
Summary: Samus wants her power suit back!!
Warnings: Not sure. Possible violence, angry Samus, general weirdness?

You see such mad things happening.Collapse )
12th-Mar-2009 06:33 pm - [Thread] Noise Within
Characters: OU!Asuka, OU!Saioh
Where: Paj-Ennea
When: During stage 3 of the modplot, not long after this post.
Summary: Asuka has acquired psychic powers. Saioh, being an old hand at that, comes to show her what to do.
Warnings: None

I Knew You Were ComingCollapse )
12th-Mar-2009 01:17 pm - [Thread] Doing alright
Characters: OU Caeru, AU Quatre
Where:When: During Part 3 of the Mod Plot
Summary: Rue's worried about his friend and decides to spontaneously drop by and say hello.
Warnings: None.

Knock knockCollapse )
12th-Mar-2009 08:37 am - [Thread] Hearing without sound
Characters: Faye Valentine (OU), OPEN
Where: Outside, near Building One and wherever the closest Keeper is.
When: During Part 3 of modplot, a few hours after the Keepers fell.
Summary: Faye ventures outside to get a closer look at the Entropi, and to test out her new powers. ((She is telepathic now, so I'd appreciate it if anyone responds includes their character's thoughts in their comments, should Faye choose to try and read their mind.))
Warnings: Probably none?

Who knew so many of the residents were capable of thought?Collapse )
12th-Mar-2009 03:20 am - [Thread] This is not my Happy Place.
No Mask Brooding
Characters: OU: Tim Drake/Robin, OU: Cissie King-Jones
Where: Outside the School
When: Beginning of Modplot Stage 3
Summary: Tim and Cissie are freaked out by their new power situations.
Warnings: Possible profanity.

I wanna go home.Collapse )
11th-Mar-2009 11:07 pm - [Log] March comes in like a lion
Tim and Cissie spoon, Spooning
Characters: OU: Tim Drake/Robin, OU: Cissie King-Jones
Where: Om-Eksi
When: Backdated to stage 2 of the modplot, immediately after the Warden's warning
Summary: Tim and Cissie prepare for the oncoming storm.
Warnings: Angst and fluff?

Time to batten down the hatches!Collapse )
9th-Mar-2009 08:01 pm - [Thread] Color me blood red

Characters: The Joker [OU]; Helena Campbell/The Princess [OU]
When: Backdated to the beginning of Phase 2
Where: church
Summary: The Joker seeks shelter from the deadly fumigation clouds and happens upon a familiar face.
Warnings: I never know with these two. Blood; adult situations.

In a world so gray, what else can I say?Collapse )
9th-Mar-2009 08:59 am - [Thread] Casino Royale - BACKDATED
smirk/snark/you know you want me
Characters: Faye Valentine (OU), Rouge the Bat (OU)
Where: Ast-Okto
When: BACKDATED the day before Modplot Part 2, after this conversation.
Summary: Two femme fatales, looking for a way to alleviate Inexorable-Doom-Approacheth jtters, challenge each other to a game of poker. The stakes are Faye's bottles of freaking expensive alcohol against Rouge's heap of jewels.
Warnings: Cheating at cards, bitching, whining, and other sorts of juvenile behavior are expected from both parties. Other than that, probably nothing.

The odds will betray you~Collapse )
7th-Mar-2009 08:13 pm - [Thread] Last Night of the World
[cecilia] my thoughts of you distract me
Characters: AU!Albel and AU!Sheifa.
Where: Loh-Eksi.
When: During stage two of the modplot.
Summary: The world is coming to an end, and so they try to put all their issues to rest before heading off to face the inevitable.
Warnings: Fluff, angst and drama. Quite possibly ending in an FTB.

In a world that's moving too fast, in a world where nothing can last... I will hold you, I will hold you...Collapse )
6th-Mar-2009 06:06 pm - [Thread] A plague of locusts
Characters: OU!Shadow, OU!Rouge, OU!Tohru
Where: Mui-Enas
When: Just shortly after the Warden's message in part 2
Summary: The residents of Mui-Enas wait out the latest attack
Warnings: None

... Well, worse than that.Collapse )
6th-Mar-2009 07:10 am - [Thread] The Last Days
Piercing Stare, Lay it all out in black and white
Characters: OU!Pharaun Mizzrym, OU!Faye Valentine
Where: Faye's new residence, Ast-Okto
When: Before stage two of the modplot begins
Summary: Pharaun's accepted Faye's invitation for a few drinks before the world starts to end.
Warnings: Pharaun, Faye, and alcohol. This may prove to be a very bad combination.

And the world comes crashing down...Collapse )
5th-Mar-2009 08:38 pm - [Thread] What about the world today
Characters: OU!Kurogane and OU!Fai D. Flourite
Where: Nyi-Epta
When: Part two of the mod plot.
Summary: Fai wants to try out some spells to see how well they work with only half of his magic. What better way to kill time when you are stuck inside.

What about the place that we call homeCollapse )
5th-Mar-2009 05:43 pm - [Thread] This Again
oh no, worry
Characters: AU!Dani Phantom, OPEN
Where: All around the compound.
When: During part two of mod plot.
Summary: Dani wants to make sure everyone is safe.

Intangibility was handy for thing like this.Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2009 11:37 pm - [Thread] Civilization
GO GO GO, on a mission
Characters: OU!Shadow the Hedgehog, open to residents of Mui-Enas
Where: All over Europe, but then later, Mui-Enas
When: Days 1 and 2 of the final plot
Summary: Shadow acts as scout and goes to see what he can find. In short? Nothing.
Warnings: This is very long.

I'll stay right hereCollapse )
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